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Buy or Sell Gold, Silver & Platinum

Honesty; Integrity; Satisfaction

Gold $2,319.38

Silver $29.48

Platinum $ 991.06

Palladium $ 933.89

Who We Are

We are a family run business, three generations strong in the knowledge of every aspect of the gold business from buying and refining gold down to gold-mining. Today we find ourselves helping the children and grandchildren of our original customers. Our longevity has allowed us to develop relationships and gain resources in this business that others could never have available to them. Those relationships allow us to give you the most cash! We pay top dollar for your broken or unwanted gold, silver and platinum jewelry no matter what condition or form they are in. Our business is fully Licensed and Insured. State Certified Scales are used which are clearly visible to our customers. We pride ourselves on complete transparency with our customers which allows us to build a trusting relationship where each customer leaves with top dollar prices paid for their items and a smile.

Hablamos Español. Compramos Oro, Plata y Platino. Los mejores precios en Lehigh Valley. No es necesario hacer una cita. Vendanos su oro, Váyase con cash en mano!

We Buy Luxury Watches


We Pay Top Dollar for Your Unwanted Gold, Silver and Platinum Items in Any Condition:
Broken, Missing Earrings, Tangled Chains and Necklaces, Missing Stones, Scrap, Etc.

No Lot Size Minimums. No Amount is Too Big or Too Small!

Turn Unwanted, Unused, Broken Jewelry to Cash in a Flash!


XRF Analyzer

The simplest way to know exactly what you have for unmarked items in ANY CONDITION!

A completely nondestructive way to analyze all of the metals in your gold, silver or platinum jewelry, coins, etc. A simple click on this machine sends X-rays into the item which will determine exactly what it is made of in detail.

You can come by and have your items checked for FREE anytime, no appointments necessary!

Why Choose Stefko?

At Stefko Cash for Gold, we are committed to honesty, integrity, and customer satisfaction. We offer:
  • Free estimates anytime
  • Competitive, unbeatable prices
  • Cash payments on the spot
  • No appointments necessary

Free Evaluation, No Strings Attached

Not sure what’s gold and what’s not in your jewelry box? Bring them over. We’ll run a free check with our XRF analyzer. It’s a neat, nondestructive tool that tells us exactly what your items are made of.

Leave With a Smile and Instant Cash Today!

How It Works

Turn your unwanted, unused, or even broken jewelry into cash! At Stefko Cash for Gold, we pay top dollar for all your gold (yellow, white, rose), silver, and platinum items in any condition. Earrings, chains, coins, dental gold, silverware – no item is too small or too big!

A Simple, Noncomplicated Process as Easy as 1-2-3


Gold Stone Testing

Using an acid test, we identify the composition of your items.

State Certified Scale

We weigh your items in front of you, and calculate their value based on the current Precious Metals London Fix price.


Payment Process

Once we agree on a price, we pay you in cash on the spot! All we need are two forms of ID.


Gold is Money. Everything Else is Credit.

J. P. Morgan

Gold is Money. Everything Else is Credit.

J. P. Morgan

Gold is Money. Everything Else is Credit.

J. P. Morgan

Three Generations in the Gold Business, Longevity at Its Finest!

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Stefko Cash for Gold: Where Gold Is Money, Everything Else Is Credit.