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About Us

Where Your Gold Finds Its True Worth!

We’re a family-owned business, three generations strong in the knowledge of every aspect of the gold business: from buying and refining gold down to gold-mining. Over the years, we’ve watched the children and grandchildren of our first customers walk through our doors, trustingly placing their precious items in our hands.

The secret to our long-lasting success? Relationships. We’ve spent years nurturing connections and accumulating resources in the industry. Our network allows us to always offer you the highest possible cash value for your gold, silver, and platinum items – regardless of their condition or form.

We operate fully licensed and insured, with every transaction held up to the strictest standards. We weigh your treasures on state-certified scales, clearly visible to our customers, ensuring complete transparency. At Stefko, we take pride in cultivating trust with our customers. It’s a simple formula really – you bring in your items, we offer top-dollar prices, and you leave with a smile and a wallet full of cash. Trust us, it’s as satisfying for us as it is for you.

Who We Are

We are a family run business, three generations strong in the knowledge of every aspect of the gold business from buying and refining gold down to gold-mining. Today we find ourselves helping the children and grandchildren of our original customers. Our longevity has allowed us to develop relationships and gain resources in this business that others could never have available to them. Those relationships allow us to give you the most cash! We pay top dollar for your broken or unwanted gold, silver and platinum jewelry no matter what condition or form they are in. Our business is fully Licensed and Insured. State Certified Scales are used which are clearly visible to our customers. We pride ourselves on complete transparency with our customers which allows us to build a trusting relationship where each customer leaves with top dollar prices paid for their items and a smile.

Hablamos Español. Compramos Oro, Plata y Platino. Los mejores precios en Lehigh Valley. No es necesario hacer una cita. Vendanos su oro, Váyase con cash en mano!

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Why Choose Us?

In a sea of gold buyers, Stefko stands as a beacon of trust and reliability. Here’s why we’re your top choice for trading your precious metals:
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Choosing Stefko means choosing a legacy of trust, transparency, and top-dollar payouts. So why wait? Bring your precious metals to us and experience the Stefko difference for yourself.

Oh, and for our Spanish-speaking friends – “¡Hablamos Español!”.

Stefko Cash for Gold – We’ve been turning gold into money for three generations. That’s what we call solid gold experience!